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The Day Has Come...I'm Closing (Etsy) Shop...and You Can Benefit!

The day has come...

As many of you know in addition to Silhouette School blog, I also have an Etsy shop. I have tried extremely hard to keep the two separate. There are some obvious reasons and there are some not so obvious reasons for that, but it's a decision I made at the beginning. At this time though the reasons don't really matter...just know the time has come that I can't handle both.
The only reason I'm not keeping the two sides of my business separate at the moment is because I know some of you can benefit...

Last year 90% of my Etsy sales occurred during Q4 - I hired extra help who was with me, in my home, 3-4 mornings a week.  The afternoon 'nap' time was spent blogging.  This year - I need every minute to dedicate to blog-related business.

The busy holiday and gift giving season is right around the corner and instead of looking forward to it I'm starting to stress out.  You know what happened around this time last year...I stressed out so much I got shingles (again), put the ebook on hold (again) and ended up with my wrist in a brace from trying to do too much typing.

Well, I'm fortunate to say Silhouette School has become more than a full time gig for me.  It's more than one person can handle - while keeping their sanity.  The blog I love. The Silhouette fleet I continue to build , I love.  The writing and ebook and social media and interacting with all of you I love.  My partners and sponsors and cheerleaders and readers and commenters and subscribers, I love!  What I don't love is having to stop all of that to fill an Etsy order.  And so, if there's one thing I've learned, it's to listen to what you know - and right now I know I can't do both.

It's not a hired help thing that's going to help at this's that the blog has taken me places I never imagined. The blog is taking me to Atlanta to speak at the first ever All Things Silhouette Conference.  Speaking for a total of 5 hours takes a lot of preparation...I mean a lot especially when you have one little guy who is still home 21 hours of the day.  The blog and the book have presented me opportunities that I could NEVER have imagined and for that I am sooo sooo grateful.  Never would I have predicted my book would be bundled with the CAMEO...on Amazon.  I still can't believe it. We are going in a direction that I am so proud to go in and I can't afford to slow that down right now.  We are teaching people to take their machines out of the boxes and use ways they never imagined! All I can say is there are exciting things happening and I can't wait to see where it takes us next! 

And so I am beginning the process of closing my Etsy shop with the exception of one listing...the ebook. So...'who cares', you may be asking...'you kept them separate anyway'. That's true I did!   But  I'm telling you all of this, because my stock room is full of blanks that I want to offer to all of you before I put them up for sale elsewhere.

I have at least 300 18x18" individually wrapped blank burlap pillow covers that are hot sellers - especially this time of year - and super easy to add HTV to....I have mason jar mugs and shirts and bibs and blank jewelry dishes that need to go.  My priorities have shifted and at this time I'm clearing house to make time for what is clearly my priority.

So I'm selling off my stash at next to nothing so we can both win. Just to give you an idea, I sold these covers (this is actually a mock up) at between $22-$28 a piece and I'm selling the blanks for just $5 each.   I'm going to start by only selling the pillow covers because I know how popular they are this time of year and I want to get the process started as quickly as possible so you can start selling at your craft shows and etsy shops and locally.  There is no limit to how many you can buy....if you have any questions please feel free to email me either through or through Etsy.

If you are interested here is the listing.. Blank 18x18" Burlap Pillow Covers - UPDATE: Sold Out (in 15 minutes!) 

ROUND 2 Destash

MORE BLANKS all can be found in My Shop starting at 9pm EST on 10/14: 
 Green and White Striped Pajamas - 18/24 m
Green and White Striped Pajamas - 4T
Green and White Striped Pajamas - 3T

Green/White Raglan Shirts 18-24m
Green/White Raglan Shirts 4T

Set of 4 White Small Square Dishes
Set of 4 White Small Round Dishes
Set of 10 4" Square Dishes
Set of 6 4" Square Round Dishes

6 Colored Blank Bibs
Set of 8 Onesies in various sizes/sleeve length

I thank you all again for taking me to places I never thought possible! xo


  1. Keep us posted on what you are de-stashing next!!! And Congratulations!!!

  2. yes, keep us posted. not really interested in the burlap pillow covers but might be in some of your other items.

  3. I'm interested in your blank bibs when you get around to de-stashing them! Love your book!!

  4. awesome future for you!!!!! Thanks for all you do for us in the Sil world!!!

  5. Congratulations! Your openness, generosity of heart, love for what you're doing, expertise and ability to communicate well - as well as your willingness to work really hard - shine through your blog and inspire and educate us all. Thank you. I look forward to what this next phase in your life brings.

  6. Congratulations on your success and while I don't comment a lot I do appreciate all the amazing work you do for Sillihoute and all the tutorials. I am still a newbie but get so much from them. It is the first place I look now for learning.

    I am interested in the baby wipe containers if you have those to list. Congrats again.

  7. I'm happy for your success, but not surprised, because your book is amazing!!! Looking forward to purchasing some of your items.

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  9. I admire your decision...I'm sure it was not an easy one to make. When you get to them, an easy on to make. I am interested in the jewelry dish blanks, please

  10. I'm waiting for shirts and bibs.

  11. Congratulations on Silhouette School success,the Ultimate Silhouette Guide has become my favourite resource
    Blessings Jocelan

  12. Congratz on your HUGH success with your blog and book. I can't wait to see what else is in store for you.
    I'm waiting on shirts, bibs and wipe cases.

  13. Are the blanks going to be listed here?

  14. I understand your pillow covers sold out ..... but where did you get them from originally? I would love a resource for purchasing ready-made pillow covers, table runners, placemats,etc.


  15. I am interested in the wipes cases & Set 4" Square Dishes

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  17. Desiree YoungOctober 28, 2015 at 8:30 AM
    I'm thrilled (and not the least bit surprised!) that so many exciting things are happening with your business! Your ebook is an incredible resource, which I refer to again and again. You truly have a gift for teaching and a heart for sharing. I wish you continued success, and will enjoy following along on your journey! - Dez :)



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