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Set of 5 Canister Labels: Free Silhouette Studio Cut File (Customizable)

Silhouette Studio, free cut file, canister labels
It's Friday and that means it's  Freebie Friday around here! Every week on Silhouette School I offer a free .Studio Cut File just to show you how much I love ya!

This week I thought I'd do a throwback.  One of the very things I ever cut with my Silhouette was a set of vinyl labels for some vintage glass canisters I found at my local thrift store. I look at them on my counter daily...ah and to think that was the start of something so amazing.  Okay sorry....

Anyway, at the time I used a tag to create the label shape but since I got the tag elsewhere I can't give that one away. So I designed my own similar labels and that's what I'm giving you today. Can you believe these tags are just a rounded rectangle, a two squares and two ovals all welded together and then internal offset?

Silhouette Studio, free cut file, canister labels, Silhouette Cameo, vinyl, DIY, do it yourself

I added text for what I thought were some of the most common canisters (because I know most people don't keep almond and coconut flour in theirs.)  But these are customizable so you can easily change the text for your needs.

Oh and the best part is - if you carefully weed out the center of the label, you can use it too! It's like a two for can see that's what I did on the back side of my canisters.

As always my free .studio cut files are for personal use only can can't be sold or used on items that are sold.

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  1. Thank you for the wonderful file, and could you tell us what the name of the font that you used.

  2. Thank you, so much, for this file. I have been wanting labels on my canisters and these are great.

  3. Thanks so much. I already put this to good use!

  4. Thank you so much, Melissa for all of your tutorials AND the free cut files.
    You have been a life saver MANY times.
    Judy D.

  5. Melissa,
    Your so thoughtful for sharing with us your tutorials and free cut files.
    Thank you


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