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Heat Transfer Vinyl Temperature and Time Settings (at Your Fingertips)

If I've been asked once I've been asked a thousand times about the appropriate heat transfer vinyl time and temperature press times.

Apparently not everyone knows about the FREE app that lists all of this info on HTV temperature and time recommendations!

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I'm sure most of you who are cutting HTV are cutting EasyWeed.  Siser's Smooth EasyWeed is perhaps the best known, but it's just one of many types of Siser brand heat transfer vinyl. 
Each type of heat transfer vinyl requires slightly different time and temperature heat press (and iron on) times, peel temperatures, and garment care for the best results.

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How's a girl (even this girl) to (quickly) know what time and temp to use on each one?  Good thing I have the totally free Siser NA app on my phone where with just the tap of the screen I can access the exact HTV temperature and time for every.single.type.of.Siser.HTV.  Is your mind blown yet?

Let me say that can go to the Apple store, Android app store, and Google Play to search for the "Siser North American" app for FREE.

Heat transfer vinyl, HTV, temperature, siser htv, app store
Download it onto your phone and open up the app (which I hope you keep right next to the Silhouette School blog app).

Heat transfer vinyl, HTV, HTV press temperature, HTV settings, heat press settings, siser app

When you open up the app, you'll get a screen that looks like the image on the left. Click it and you'll get to the next screen where you'll see four little bars in the top left. That's the menu button.

Click it you'll get to the screen on the right which is where the magic happens.

Heat transfer vinyl, HTV, HTV press temperature, HTV settings, heat press settings, siser appHeat transfer vinyl, HTV, HTV press temperature, HTV settings, heat press settings, siser HTV

This is where you'll find a goldmine of time and temperature information on Siser HTV products.  If you click on "Application Instructions"  you'll find the heat transfer vinyl temperature and time information.

Just scroll down to find the type of Siser NA that you're working with.

Heat transfer vinyl, HTV, HTV press temperature, glitter HTV, heat press settings, glitter heat transfer vinyl

And from there if you click on the "View Complete Application Instructions" you'll get even more information like what types of material the HTV will adhere to and how to care for the garment after applying the heat transfer vinyl.

Heat transfer vinyl, HTV, HTV press temperature, HTV settings, heat press settings, siser app

And there's more good news - the app also includes color swatches for every type of heat transfer vinyl Siser makes.  From the menu screen, just tape "Material Colors" and then select the type of HTV you're looking for.

Heat transfer vinyl, HTV, temperature, time, siser appHeat transfer vinyl, HTV, temperature, siser app, HTV material colors

You'll get a bunch of thumbnail color samples...but if you tap on the color you're considering, it will fill your screen so you can get an even better idea.  Now just how close is the color sample to the actual HTV? Well, I put it to the test for you...

Heat transfer vinyl, HTV, settings, siser app, vinyl colors

I was actually stunned at how closely the majority of the digital sample colors matched the actual material.

The Siser Glitter Old Gold HTV was the one I was most disappointed in because I don't think the thumbnail image does the real glitter Old Gold HTV (which happens to be among my favorites) justice.

Think about how awesome this would be if you have a customer who says they want can pull out your phone and let them pick the exact shade of red they want instead of guessing the difference between 'cardinal' and 'red.

Again all this is in the mobile Siser NA app in your back pocket!


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