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How to Crop Photos in Silhouette Studio (in 2 easy steps)

If you use Silhouette Studio as an editing and design software - as you should - and not just a program to cut designs, you may have come across a project where you need to crop a photo. I love working with photos in Silhouette Studio and it’s easy to do.

Silhouette Studio, cropping photos, Silhouette tutorial

For this tutorial I’m going to be cropping some door photos that I took while in Barcelona last month. This is just the first step in my full project, which I’ll reveal soon on the blog. Believe me you don’t want to miss this one!

Since I’ve covered the basics on how to import photos and jpegs to Silhouette Studio extensively here and here and here, I’m going to go through it quickly today.  Basically just drag and drop the photo into Studio from the desktop.

Once the photo is in Silhouette Studio, resize it so it’s manageable to work with.  To resize, select the photo and drag one of the corners in towards the center of photo to make it smaller.

Now you’re ready to crop the photo.
Silhouette Studio, cropping photos, Silhouette tutorial

There’s not an official ‘cropping’ tool like you’re probably used to…however the knife tool works perfectly for cropping.

Click on the knife tool on the right sidebar of Silhouette Studio (circled in the above pic) and then hold down shift while you draw a splice through the area of the photo that you want to crop off.

Repeat on all sides.

If you crop too much just hit the Undo tool to go back to the previous edits. You can hit undo as many times as is necessary.

Silhouette Studio, cropping photos, Silhouette tutorial, knives tool

If you don't have Silhouette Studio Designer Edition you won't have all these knife options, but don't worry you can still crop your photos with the straight edge knife tool.

After the photo is cropped to your liking, click on the Select tool or hit esc (otherwise the knife tool will follow you around the work area).  Drag the area of the photo that you want to keep away from the spliced areas. Then select the areas of the image that you cut away and delete them by simply selecting them and hitting 'delete'.  

Silhouette Studio, cropping photos, Silhouette tutorial

Again resize the image if necessary.

Now you can use the photos for print and cuts or simply print to your computer.  Just remember to turn on the print area boundary to ensure your entire photo is within the safe printing zone. Go to the Page Settings tool > check the box for print area.

If you’re not ready to print quite yet, you can save the photos to your Silhouette Studio library just as you would any other design. I had about 20 photos to crop so saving them to my library was definitely the way to go.  
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  1. Another way to crop images is to draw a rectangle on your image and size & place the rectangle how you want the image cropped. Select the image and the rectangle, then open the Modify window. Select crop. You don't have all cool cut shape possibilities of the knife tool this way, but you can cut circles, polygons, or whatever other shape you can draw.

  2. Merci Mélissa et Eff pour ces précisions
    Bises de France

  3. ditto what Eff said, I'd rather use the Crop tool ... that's what it's there for!

  4. Thanks Melissa .... I love knowing all the different ways you can accomplish things!! Great tips and I love your blog!!!

  5. Great! Thank you, I was wondering how to crop, it never occurred to me. Not sure why you say hold the shift key with the knife tool though?

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. I always crop by double clicking the edge so the edit points turn on. Then drag the edit points to crop the picture.

  8. If edit my jpeg with the silhouette is it considered a studio file now?


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