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Trick to Removing Bubbles in Vinyl (And Preventing Bubbles at All)

Is there anything more annoying then bubbles under your perfectly cut, adorably designed vinyl?  You can scrape and rub and burnish all you want, but sometimes those little pockets of air just hold out.

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Today I'm here to tell you, there is hope!  You do not need to rip off your vinyl and start over. You don't even need to peel it back up and you certainly don't need to live with them.

Of course the trick to preventing bubbles as much as possible is in the way you put the vinyl on the surface.  Laying vinyl down from the corner and rubbing as you continue to lay down more and more of the piece will help prevent bubbles.  But....let's say you have a moment of weakness and you got yourself in a's how to remove bubbles under vinyl!
This is what my poor chalkboard vinyl chore chart looked like when I first applied it! OMG!!! 

Disclaimer: Please excuse the finger prints all over the know my full time job ;)

Bubbles, remove, avoid, vinyl, design, chalkboard, chore chart

Fear not....I got rid of 99% of the bubbles with just a poke!

The trick is to use a very tiny pin - VERY TINY - is key and make a single hole in the bubble.  The hole will be so tiny, it won't be noticeable on the vinyl as long as you make a direct poke.  Do not move the pin around since you'll risk ripping the vinyl or making the hole too large and noticeable.

Bubbles, remove, avoid, vinyl, design, poke hole, pin

After you've pricked the bubble, use your Silhouette scraper, a credit card or even your finger to run over the area and you'll see the bubble disappear.  I've used this method many times and it works great.

Bubbles, remove, avoid, vinyl, design

One last note - many times, time is your best friend when it comes to air bubbles under vinyl.  Give the vinyl a week or so and you'll notice that even unpopped bubbles will disappear just with time.

Check this out...this etched glass vinyl was a mess when I first applied it to my beverage dispenser.  I contemplated ripping it off, it was so bad. I didn't even bother popping all those tiny bubbles....I just set it the side until I could figure out my next move...

Bubbles, remove, avoid, vinyl, design, etched vinyl

But when I went back to it after about a week...
 Bubbles, remove, avoid, vinyl, design, etched glass

Bubbles, remove, avoid, vinyl, design, etched glass

Pretty amazing right?! 

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