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9 Non-Apparel Things to Put Silhouette Rhinestones On

Silhouette, Rhinestones, non-apparel, Silhouette tutorial
So you're not a rhinestone-shirt wearing kinda girl? neither, but that doesn't mean I don't love me some bling.  I've put rhinestones on everything from wood signs to baby onesies and phone cases.  So for the third lesson in Silhouette School's Rhinestone Series I thought I'd share some non-apparel items you can rhinestone...and a tip or two for how to rhinestones when you can't use an iron.
Wood Signs
For this project, I made a custom rhinestone design only changing the 'thong' of the flip flop to rhinestones.  However, instead of cutting the design out of the rhinestone template material, I cut it on vinyl. The vinyl was placed onto a painted wood plaque and the rhinestones were set in place using the Silhouette Rhinestone setter rather than an iron. 
Silhouette, Rhinestones, non-apparel, Silhouette tutorial, flip flops

Silhouette, Rhinestones, non-apparel, Silhouette tutorial, flip flop, wood sign

Phone Cases
The rhinestone templates for these custom phone cases were cut on the regular rhinestone flocked material which was then placed directly onto the phone case so the rhinestones could be set. (Full tutorial coming soon.)

Silhouette, Rhinestones, non-apparel, Silhouette tutorial, phone cases

Rhinestones aren't just for fabric and plastic or acryclic accessories. You can add them to paper crafts, like cards, as well. Look how beautiful this card is made by Dawn Easton at Treasure Oiler Designz.  The rhinestones are just the special touch it needs. 

Silhouette, Rhinestones, non-apparel, Silhouette tutorial, card

Scrapbook Layouts
Similar to cards, adding rhinestones to scrapbook layouts is a great way to add some beauty and 'wow'.  This page immediately caught my eye recently when it was on the Silhouette America blog

Silhouette, Rhinestones, non-apparel, Silhouette tutorial, scrap book

Backpacks and Bags
Give your child's bag - or yours - that extra special monogram or personalization with rhinestones. I just love what Mandy from SugarBee Crafts did with rhinestones on her daughter's backpack. Ginger from GingerSnap Crafts made a rhinestone tote bag for herself...and I love how it turned out!!!

Silhouette, Rhinestones, non-apparel, Silhouette tutorial, backpackSilhouette, Rhinestones, non-apparel, Silhouette tutorial, backpacks

Holy SMOKE! I mean what more can I say about adding Silhouette rhinestones to your high heels. Ashley from Little Miss Momma blog knocked this one out of the park - and the design is perfect! I would have never guessed she didn't buy those heels like that!

Silhouette, Rhinestones, non-apparel, Silhouette tutorial, high heel shoes

 I gave a plain white stretch headband a little personality and fun by adding some red rhinestones. I placed them randomly on the headband and used the rhinestone setter to set them.

Silhouette, Rhinestones, non-apparel, Silhouette tutorial, headband

Napkins and Table Settings
Add rhinestones to dress up your table linens.  A gold rhinestone can be used year round (as demonstrated here with this silverware bag shared on Silhouette America blog). Use holiday specific colors and designs to turn solid color linens into something special for specific holidays.

Silhouette, Rhinestones, non-apparel, Silhouette tutorial, napkins

Decorate solid color Christmas balls with various size rhinestones in the same color or different colors. This beautiful monogrammed ornament would make a perfect 'First Christmas' gift.

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 Thanks for coming to class today at Silhouette School.  If you like what you see, I'd love for you to pin it!

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