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Dingbat Font Flower Garden Flag (Free Studio Cut File)

Dingbat font, flower, garden, flag, free, Silhouette Studio, cut file
In case you haven't noticed I've been happily doing outdoor projects recently - ahem, my vinyl window garage door makeover.   Today I'm going to share another outdoor project, this one not nearly as involved...or as much of a commitment.  I made this flower pot garden flag using nothing more than a scrap of burlap, a piece of freezer paper, a dingbat font and some paint.

The first thing I did was search for flower dingbat fonts.  I like so I searched through their 'nature' category until I found a flower I liked.  The 'h' on "Janda Flower Doodles" font caught my eye so I downloaded and installed the font onto my computer. Click here for a full tutorial on how to download and install new fonts in Silhouette Studio. 

Once the font was in Studio, I simply typed the lowercase 'h' using the font and I got my flower design.  Aren't dingbat fonts an amazing resource for FREE cut files?!

Dingbat font, flower, garden, flag, free, Silhouette Studio, cut file

The flower is pretty, but I wanted to kind of frame it out in a circle.  I went with the weld into a frame method using compound paths.  If you're unsure how to do that, I have a step by step tutorial on how to weld into a frame here...and also a explanation of compound paths.

Dingbat font, flower, garden, flag, free, Silhouette Studio, cut file
This is what my flower design looked like before I cut. It was only then that I realized I made a huge mistake.  My circle border was so thin that it provided no protection against me getting paint outside the circle area.  This is how I should have created the design.  The thickness of this circle would have allowed me a little wiggle room when blotting on the paint because it would have protected the fabric just outside of the painted area.

Do you think I was patient enough to re-cut the above design? No...I was just extra careful when I painted.

Since I'm using this design as a stencil on fabric, I cut it on freezer paper because it adheres very well to fabric when ironed providing a nice tight steal against paint leaks.  Here's the tutorial on freezer paper stencils if you  need it.

I weeded the designed centered the freezer paper stencil on a scrap piece of burlap that I had - it's probably 10" x 7" - and used my iron to press it onto the burlap.  Then I used my foam pouncers to paint the stencil.  I immediately removed the freezer paper and was left with this pretty design.

Once it was dry, I folded over and sewed down the top to make a pocket for a garden flag stake (yes that's an old wire hanger I have converted into a flag pole.)  I also zig zag stitched around the sides and bottom to prevent the burlap from fraying.   Now my flower garden flag is sitting pretty in a potted plant on my patio.

Dingbat font, flower, garden, flag, free, Silhouette Studio, cut file

You can download the Free Studio Cute file to make a garden flag of your own at the very end of this post. But first I'd love for you to check out some of the flower-inspired projects some of my blogging friends have been crafting this spring with their Silhouettes!

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