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Baby Boy Onesies Using Heat Transfer Vinyl (Free Studio Cut File)

Onesies, baby boy, heat transfer vinyl, htv, free, Silhouette Studio, cut file
A few weeks ago I shared a sneak peek on the Silhouette Facebook Page of a set of twin baby boy onesies I quickly made using heat transfer vinyl.  Apologies for the delay...but I'm finally getting around to sharing the tutorial and the free cut file!

I made these newborn onesies for one of my college roommates who recently welcomed twins! I usually skip right over newborn size because the kiddos grow out of them so fast, but these little gents were a few weeks early and I figured they didn't have much to wear being 4 pounders.

I wanted the onesies to be different, but still similar. And since I'm slightly obsessed with monograms, of course, I had to work the boys' initials in there, too!

If you haven't caught on by now, the Silhouette Online Store is pretty much the last place I look for designs.  I'll do anything to save my .99! So, I started by doing a google image search for baby bow ties and ties.  When I found a few I liked, I brought them into Silhouette Studio and did a trace.  If you need a reminder on how to turn a jpeg into a cut file click here.

Onesies, baby boy, heat transfer vinyl, htv, free, Silhouette Studio, cut file, tie

After I traced the bowtie and tie I used the 'Draw a Eclipse' tool to draw a circle. Then I duplicated it over and over again to make polka dots.

Onesies, baby boy, heat transfer vinyl, htv, free, Silhouette Studio, cut file, draw an ellipse

For the 'pockets' I made a square and then drew two connecting diagonal lines from the bottom to get the shape.  Then I just typed in their initials.   Remember, with HTV everything needs to be flipped, so I mirrored the text to make sure it was correct once I ironed it on.

Onesies, baby boy, heat transfer vinyl, htv, free, Silhouette Studio, cut file, ties, pocket

I sent everything to cut at once on my Heat Transfer Vinyl.  FYI - This is one of the colors of HTV that comes with the heat transfer vinyl starter kitBefore placing the designs vinyl side down on my onesies, I weeded them and cut all the pieces apart.

When I was ready, it was time to iron on the tie and bowtie on the onesies! If you're new to HTV here's a beginner tutorial.  Key points to remember: 

-mirror the image
-cut with the shiny side down
-iron on cotton setting, no steam
-cover with thin fabric while ironing
-1 minute of heat and heavy pressure

I think they came out really cute..and so did my friends! The babies got out of the hospital just in time to wear them and they looked adorable.

Onesies, baby boy, heat transfer vinyl, htv, free, Silhouette Studio, cut file, tie, pocket

And as promised here are the free cut files for the baby boy tie onesies. Please remember, these are for personal use only!

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  1. Any tips on getting HTV to really melt into the onesies?

  2. Hi, did you mirror the entire project or only the pocket with the letter? Thanks

  3. How did you get the design size right on the onesie?

  4. I just created one for a little girl -- I used silhouette bow -- added a scalloped edge to your pocket and added some hearts surrounding the initial. I think it will look cute with pink HTV.


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