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DIY Painted Owl Pillow Cover

Owl, painted, pillow cover, DIY, do it yourself, Silhouette Studio, Silhouette tutorial

I have some serious love for my Silhouette right now. I mean what's not to love about this adorable pillow cover.  I came up with the saying and immediately knew I had to find the perfect owl for it..would you believe the owl is actually part of a dingbat font and it's not an image graphic?

You do know my trick about using dingbat fonts instead of buying designs from the online store, right? Yeah, you're gonna wanna check this out first (it will change your life) then we can talk about the 'Owl Always Love Whooo' Pillow.  Go on...I'll wait here.

Owl, painted, pillow cover, DIY, do it yourself, Silhouette Studio, Silhouette tutorial

Alright, you good? You ready to knock this out?  Of course you could put this on a piece of wood for a sign or just on a piece of burlap or other fabric and frame it. I went for a pillow cover, because that's just what I do.  I do I do.... If you wanna make yours on a DIY pillow cover, you can read a tutorial on how to make a envelope-style pillow cover on our sister site Two It Yourself. 

Now back to Owl business. The owl design was part of the Chouette alors font set found on  To be exact it was the capital "A".  I put the owl on a page by itself so I could size it very large - 632 font size, actually.

Owl, painted, pillow cover, DIY, do it yourself, Silhouette Studio, Silhouette tutorial

You can see the design has some very thin lines especially around the ears and eyes.  In hindsight I should have deconstructed the image slightly so the cuts weren't so thin and it was easier to work with.  This is possible by highlighting the entire owl design > right click > select ungroup.  You can see from this screen shot I removed the double circle around the eyes and ears and made the wings smaller and the outline larger.  The design remains the same, but it's just adjusted to make the stencil a little more stable and easier to work with.

Owl, painted, pillow cover, DIY, do it yourself, Silhouette Studio, Silhouette tutorial, ungroup

Once I was happy with it, I sent it to the Silhouette to cut a freezer paper stencil.  My blade was on a 2.

After I had the owl cut, I opened a new work area, flipped the canvas to a landscape layout, and added the text.

 Always - Font: Great Vibes, Size 282
 Love - Font: Haettenschweiller, Size 263 (font stretched slightly)
 Whooo - Font: Times New Roman, Size 224

Owl, painted, pillow cover, DIY, do it yourself, Silhouette Studio, Silhouette tutorial, text

I cut this stencil on freezer paper too.  Since it took me forever to decide on if I should go with 'you' or 'whooo' and then how to spell the sound the owl makes... I painted Always Love first,  then the owl and lastly 'whoooo'.  Between each group I let the paint dry completely before adding the next freezer paper stencil to the burlap pillow cover.

And here's how she turned out.  I think my painted owl pillow is a hoot...sorry, sometimes I just can't help myself.

Owl, painted, pillow cover, DIY, do it yourself, Silhouette Studio, Silhouette tutorial

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Thanks for coming to class today at Silhouette School.  If you like what you see, I'd love for you to pin it!

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  1. Love your pillow, it's so cute, the owl is perfect. I don't have a silhouette and chances of getting one are as low as could be. I did print out page with owl and wording, will take them to copy place to enlarge so I can make stencils for the pillow. Better than not being able to make the pillow. Thanks for sharing. Happy week

    1. That's a great idea!!! You could cut it out with an exacto knife and get the same type of look. Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day!

  2. Cool pillow! I'm loving owls right now!

    Navy Wifey Peters @ Submarine Sunday Link Party

  3. I'm a brand new silhouette owner (received as a gift). I could not figure out how to resize the inner wing of owl but did figure out how to remove inner ears/eyes using both ungroup and compound path features. Wonder if you could explain resizing the wing process for me. I am so excited to own my this machine but fear I'm somewhat technically challenged.

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  5. Paint your pillow cover for looking good.If you paint your pillow cover I think your room looking good for your painting and your room also decoration.So i think we should paint our pillow cover.

  6. Great. thanks for sharing

  7. I love how all these pillows turned out! I’m a huge fan of super easy projects, so I’m going to pin this! They seem pretty easy to make thanks to your tutorial and encouragement! Totally pinning – can’t wait to try making my own.

  8. Amazing!!!Nice cover.I like it so much.I want it for my pillow of my bed.Thank you for sharing this awesome design of pillow cover.

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