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Tools & Accessories to Get Started

So you got yourself a Silhouette CAMEO, Portrait or Curio and now you're wondering what other essentials you need to get started with your die cutter? You've come to the right place! 

The Silhouette bundles come with much of what you need, but there are a few other 'essentials' in my humble opinion ( book) and I've included them here depending on the type of material and project you are working on! Click the links to get more info and order! 

Essentials for All Silhouette Crafters

Tool Kit

Designer Edition
Ultimate Silhouette Guide

 Vinyl Tools

Weeding Hook Tool

Permanent Vinyl
Vinyl Starter Pack

Silhouette Scraper

Transfer Tape/Paper

Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) Tools

Weeding Hook Tool
HTV Starter Pack

Heat Press (Optional) or Iron

Sketch Pens

Chomas Sketch Pen

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