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Silhouette Studio Text Tool: Virtual Classroom

Silhouette Studio Text Tool: Virtual Classroom Video Course
Not sure how to use the text tool in Silhouette Studio? Or maybe you're familiar with it, but not confident you're taking full advantage of all it can do? The Virtual Classroom: Master the Silhouette Studio Text Tool will get you over the learning curve faster than you can say Text to Path! 

 The Virtual Classroom: Master the Silhouette Studio Text Tool is my now retired live presentation material! I'm not teaching this content at conferences anymore, which means you have a unique opportunity to gain access to it through our new Virtual Classroom series. 

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  The Virtual Classroom: Master the Silhouette Studio Text Tool will start with the most basics and cover topics ranging from downloading and installing new fonts to how to find fonts you can legally use to sell to working with special characters and glyphs to designing subway-style designs and word art in Silhouette Studio.

I'll share little known tips on how to add notes to your design files so you never have to go searching for a font name, style, or size again. We'll go in-depth on sketch fonts including how to fill in fonts and how you can use sketch fonts for far more than just sketching!

 I'll tell you the secret to turning any font into a stencil-friendly font and you'll learn why your printer is printing blank pages when you have text in Silhouette Studio!  

At a Glance

Topics covered in the Virtual Classroom: Master the Silhouette Studio Text Tool

  • Intro to Text tool icon and how to start a text box
  • Adding new fonts to Silhouette Studio
  • Personal Use vs Commercial Use vs Public Domain Fonts
  • Where to find (above named) Font types
  • Welding vs Grouping/Ungrouping Text
  • What is a Path?
  • Text to Path: How to Use it
  • When Text is No Longer Text: When and Why
  • Cutting Thin Fonts Cleanly
  • Why tiny Offsets are HUGE
  • Using Properties for Font Notes
  • Printing Text: Why You're Getting Blank Pages
  • Filled Text vs Outlined Text and Line Weight
  • Understanding Sketched Designs
  • Single Line/Sketch Fonts: How to Use them (and for More Than Just Sketching)
  • Filling Sketched Fonts
  •  Trick to Designing Text Based Designs
  • Getting Started with Word Art
  • Using Dingbat Fonts
  • Getting Special Character/Glyph Fonts into Silhouette Studio
  • Modifying Text for Stencils

What is a Virtual Classroom?

During this 85 minute video I'll present my original slides used when I taught the popular Silhouette Studio Text Tool class at conferences - which will never be presented live again! But this isn't just some boring PowerPoint (oh goodness no!). I mix the slides with demonstrations in Silhouette Studio to help reinforce what's being learned as well as to give you an opportunity for hands-on learning.

Now that you have the chance to take advantage of this valuable information, what exactly are you getting when you purchase this Virtual Classroom?
You will receive the complete slide deck delivered as a PDF, which you can print out and use to follow along and take notes during the nearly hour and a half long virtual classroom.  A link to where you can stream the virtual classroom video is contained on the first page of the PDF. 

You can stop and start the virtual classroom as often or for as long as you'd like to and pick right back up where you stopped. And there's no limit on how many times you can stream the Virtual Classroom: Master the Silhouette Studio Text Tool!

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What's the difference between the Virtual Classrooms and your eCourses, Silhouette U, and/or your video courses? 

The Virtual Classroom: Master the Silhouette Studio Text Tool is a pre-recorded video 
of Melissa presenting the slides she has used at conferences. You will not see Melissa during this Virtual Classroom, you will only hear her as she talks over the slides and walks you through demonstrations in Silhouette Studio.  The Virtual Classroom video is 85 minutes long and the PDF version of the slides is 79 pages/slides. 

Tip: You can print out multiple slides on a single sheet of paper by setting your printer settings similar to what you see below: 

The eCourse The Ultimate Silhouette Guide to Designing in Silhouette Studio is a combination of a 100+ page eBook with links to accompanying videos (18 lessons in total with over 3.5+ hours of videos) supporting the eBook content. 

Silhouette U offers a library of video tutorials for members.  These are exclusive for members of Silhouette U, and we will continue to add new video content each month.  

*Please note that the Virtual Classroom: Master the Silhouette Studio Text Tool is not included in the Silhouette U video library* 

Is this a recording of Melissa presenting at a conference?

No, the Virtual Classroom: Master the Silhouette Studio Text Tool was not recorded at a conference.  Melissa is presenting the slides on a video produced for Silhouette School Blog readers combined with real time demonstrations in Silhouette Studio and provides the opportunity for you to practice and follow the slides right along with her.

Is the Virtual Classroom really worth the money? 

Have you ever wanted to attend a conference where Melissa was speaking but couldn't make it?  This Virtual Classroom is the exact content delivered at previous conferences - only now it's retired from the conference circuit.  Unlike the conferences, you'll have the option to watch this as many times as you'd like, and you'll get a copy of the slides, which have not been previously made available.  

How do I access the slides and video in the Virtual Classroom? 

When you make your purchase, you will be emailed a link to a PDF file.  You will have 120 hours or 5 attempts to download the PDF file. The PDF file contains all of the slides and a link to stream the video is provided on page #1. Once the PDF is downloaded, the video can be watched repeatedly with no expiration.

Can I download the video for the Virtual Classroom onto my computer? 

The video in the Virtual Classroom is available for unlimited online streaming. Due to the length and large size of the video files, they can't be downloaded.  An Internet connection is required to watch the video.

How do I open the Virtual Classroom on my iPad? 
  • Install the Kindle app or iBook on your iPad.
  • Click on the download link to download
  • When asked if you want to open with iBook or "other", click 'other."
  • Pick Kindle from the list of options. Then you can go to the Kindle app and read it! 

What if I purchase the Virtual Classroom: Master the Silhouette Studio Text Tool and change my mind? Can I get a refund? 

Due to the nature of the instant digital download at the time of checkout and payment, we can not offer refunds on any of our digital products including the Virtual Classroom: Text Tools
Can I gift the Virtual Classroom? 
Yes! We offer the option to gift the Virtual Classroom!  Please email


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