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This eCourse now includes a 15 page add-on chapter on Silhouette Studio V4  to help you transition from Silhouette Studio V3 to V4. The software performs the same way, it just has a brand new look!

Not a designer, but want to learn how to design in Silhouette Studio? The Ultimate Silhouette Guide to Designing in Silhouette Studio is a comprehensive, self-guided design course that will teach you the skills and techniques you need to master designing in Silhouette Studio through a series of written lessons and almost 4 hours of video tutorials.

 Intimidated by designing in Silhouette Studio because you have no formal design training? That's okay - I'm self taught too. But you don't have to be!

Take a peek inside at everything you'll learn in this 18 part design training.

  When you learn to create your own designs in Silhouette Studio you can stop buying shapes and text-based designs and start using your craft stash on something else! You can create custom designs to fit your needs - and even create personalized designs for your customers in the finished format. (Just remember you can't sell digital .Studio files...but I will show you how to convert your .Studio files into SVG files.)
My newest  - and most extensive course - combines written and video lessons each 100% supporting the other.  The 100+ page digital download ebook is enhanced with 3.5+ hours of corresponding videos and breaks down the designing process into easy to understand and actionable lessons.  

When you purchase The Ultimate Silhouette Guide to Designing in Silhouette Studio you can instantly download the PDF ebook which contains the direct links to the video courses right inside! The videos can be viewed by streaming online as many times as you'd like and can be stopped or paused mid-course so you can easily follow along.

The Silhouette Studio Design course will help you gain a firm understanding of the design, editing, and drawing tools, and actions needed to create designs.  More advanced lessons cover techniques that will take your designs to the next level including how to create double sided print and cut designs, designing stand up and pop up shapes designs plus an introduction to the new 3D Silhouette ModelMaker software.

Take your time and learn at your own pace with this course which is designed in chronological order so you can build on the skills as you master them. The 10-20 minute videos following each of the 18 lessons will help you further understand the design process. You're encouraged to follow along with the videos - stopping them as you need to - as we believe the best way to learn is to do. Those who've already purchased The Ultimate Silhouette Guide to Designing couldn't agree more!

"My goodness Melissa -- I thought your new e-series package would be near $100--thanks for making it affordable! Thanks!: - Patty P.

"After completing the Ecourse I must say I'm amazed. Not only do the videos give you the opportunity to immediately practice what you've learned in each chapter, they assist you in thinking outside the box for designing. While learning to design you realize the possibilities are endless for all types of applications as you navigate the Ecourse. This Ecourse will not only benefit new users immensely but will also help the seasoned Silhouette user have those light bulb moments. I will definitely be recommending this Ecourse to my Silhouette friends as it far surpassed my expectations." - Michele W.

"I have purchased all of your Ebooks including the new ecourse for designing. I love them all ... they are easy to follow and the instructions are very well written. The designing one ... is my new favorite because of the additional videos! Thanks so much." - Sheila
"Well, I have learned so much and I am now confident to create my own designs. The book is well laid out and the lessons easy to follow with the added help of watching the videos. Thank you Melissa Langford Viscount that is a lot of work,, much appreciated." - Lyn 
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Still not convinced The Ultimate Silhouette Guide to Designing in Silhouette Studio Course is for you? Here's more about what you're getting: 

  • A total of more than three and a half hours of video lessons to support each of the written lessons 
  • Video lessons are designed to encourage interactive learning where students can practically apply design techniques learned in the ebook at their own pace
  • A self-taught expert Silhouette user Melissa will teach you how to design in Silhouette Studio from the very basics to the more complex and advanced skills taking the intimidation out of designing
  • Finally gain a firm understanding how compound paths work and why they're so important in designing
  • Have an 'ah-ha' moment as you finally understand just how useful and different the Modify tools really are
  • Make back the price of the course fast by learning to create designs you can use on items you sell and by converting your Silhouette Studio designs into a format you can sell
  • You'll learn the trick to 'seeing' your designs as they take shape so you can easily make adjustments until they reach perfection. 
  • Four pages of detailed labels and descriptions of all tool bar buttons and icons in Silhouette Studio
  • A glossary of Silhouette design 'lingo' so you have a firm understanding of the terminology
  • An ad-free guide means 100% information on every single page.
  • Easily printable in full color or black and white
  • Interactive table of contents which allows you to get where you want to go with just the click of the mouse

Image Map FAQ

What's the difference between the original Ultimate Silhouette Guide and The Ultimate Silhouette Guide to Designing in Silhouette Studio? 
The Ultimate Silhouette Guide: Tutorials, Tips and Troubleshooting is a complete written reference guide to using your Silhouette cutting machine from getting it out of the box to cutting your choice of materials.  The Ultimate Silhouette Guide to Designing in Silhouette Studio is a written and video e-course which focuses exclusively on how to design shapes in Silhouette Studio. It should be treated as a course rather than a reference and is best utilized when competed in progressive order.
Is the ecourse really worth the money? 
Not only do we think The Ultimate silhouette Guide to Designing Ecourse is worth the money - we think it's a steal. Given the amount of written content and the more than 3.5 hours worth of video instruction, if we broke it all out and sold it separately the value would be upwards of $100! 

Is there a discount if purchase more than one of your ebooks and ecourse? 
Yes! The more ebooks and ecourses your purchase - the greater the savings! Check out our full shop here.  

How do I access the videos included in the ecourse? 
The videos are all linked from within the ebook. Simply download the ebook not your computer and you'll find clickable links to the video tutorials. We've also written out the hyperlinks so you can type them into your browser if you decide to print out your ebook. 

Can I download the videos included in the ecourse onto my computer? 
The videos including in The Ultimate Silhouette Guide to Designing in Silhouette Studio Guide are available for unlimited online streaming. Due to the length and large size of the video files, they can't be downloaded. 

Is the Ultimate Silhouette Guide to Designing in Silhouette Studio available in a paperback? 
The Ultimate Silhouette Guide to Designing ecourse is only available as a digital download which will be delivered as a PDF. However, you are welcome to print the ebook at home or at a copy center. If you need a print consent, please email

How do I open the ecourse on my Ipad? 
  • Install the Kindle app or iBook on your iPad.
  • Click on the download link to download
  • When asked if you want to open with iBook or "other", click 'other."
  • Pick Kindle from the list of options. Then you can go to the Kindle app and read it! 

What if I purchase the Ultimate Silhouette Guide to Designing and change my mind? Can I get a refund? 
Due to the nature of the instant digital download e-course at the time of checkout and payment, we can not offer refunds on any of our digital products including The Ultimate Silhouette Guide to Designing. 
Can I gift The Ultimate Silhouette Guide to Designing in Silhouette Studio
Yes! We offer the option to gift the ecourse!  Please email