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Roland DTF Printer Setup: BN-20D Printer, Driver and Software (Additional Video)

Setting up the Roland DTF Printer, the BN-20D, is actually pretty easy and straight forward..especially compared to other DTF printer set ups which require a lot more when it comes to installing the ink. 

Here I'll walk you through the steps to setup the Roland BN-20D 20" DTF printer from start to finish.  I also have a DTF printer set up video you can watch that goes through the same steps if you'd prefer.

Start by unboxing the DTF printer. 

What Comes with the Roland BN-20D DTF Printer in the Box? 

Keep in mind the Roland DTF printer does not include ink, a stand, air filter or curing oven unless you buy a BN-20D bundle..which I would suggest you do.

What comes with the Roland DTF Printer? 

  • Roland BN-20D Printer 
  • Power Cord
  • USB cord
  • Media Roller
  • Cutting Blade (only used when in cutting mode, not for DTF)  
  • 2 Sets of Cleaning Swabs 
  • Extra Wiper
  • 4 Dummy Cartridges
  • Access to Software 
  • Tweezers
  • 20" DTF Film
  • Cleaning Solution

After you have everything unpacked, make sure to place the printer on either the stand or on table where you can get to all sides easily.

How to Install the DTF Drivers, Utility and Versaworks Software for BN-20D

Before you power the DTF printer on, you'll want to install the DTF printer driver, utility and Versaworks software (if you don't already have it installed from using another Roland machine such as the BN-20A or BN-20 ecosolvent print and cut machines.

The BN-20D runs on Versaworks which is PC only compatible. If you are normally a MAC user, like I am, I picked up this Dell laptop a few months back to run all of my PC-only printers and it's worked out well. 

After downloading the software package, you'll need to unzip it. Right click the file and select Extract All. 

Installing the DTF Printer Driver for Roland BN-20D

Install the Driver first. Open the Driver Folder > Select the operating system you are using > then scroll down and click Setup to begin the driver installation.  

Note: If you already have Versaworks installed because you are a current user of a BN-20 or BN-20A then you may get asked, during the installation process, if you want to modify or repair the driver. Pick modify for both installs if asked.  Restart your computer afterwards. 

The on-screen prompts will guide you from here.  

Once the driver is installed, return the download folder to begin installing the Utility. 

Installing the BN-20D DTF Printer Utility

You'll want to install the BN-20D utility next.  

Return to the download package zip you downloaded..and click into the utility to start the installation.  The on-screen prompts will guide you. 

Finally if you have not downloaded Versaworks ever before you'll want to install the software now. Don't launch the software yet though. 

Need some additional help getting to this point in the BN-20D setup? Check out the video version of this tutorial for more details and help! 

Powering on the BN-20D for the First Time

Once you have the DTF Drivers, utility and Versaworks software on your computer you can plug in and power on the BN-20D. Flip the switch on the back and lightly and quickly press the small power button on the front.  

Connect the USB cord in the back of the printer to your computer. 

Power on the printer on both the front and back and plug the USB cord into the computer…

This should bring up a window prompting you to confirm the ink type. 

 It will then instruct you to shake all of the inks before installing all five cartridges into the printer.  

The white ink needs to be shaken the most and the longest (and once you start printing DTF transfers, daily). 

When all 5 ink cartridges are in the printer the "Next" button on the window on your computer will become clickable  

The printer will then start pulling the ink through the lines. This will take about 5-8 minutes. You’ll get a confirmation it’s done on your computer screen. 

Load the roller with DTF film into the printer. If you're not sure how to load the media and the roll, follow this quick video

Setting Up Versaworks for DTF Printer 

Finally launch the Versaworks software.  Go to the Printer menu > Print Settings and click the + to add a new printer. 

Make the following changes in the pop up window: 
  • Give the machine a Nickname
  • Under Port select > Printer Driver. 
  • From the Printer Name dropdown click Roland BN-20D 
Click Verify and then Ok and Apply.

At this point, the setup should be complete and Versaworks should show the BN-20D printer on the left side of the main screen.  As long as have the inks installed and the roller bar with material loaded the status will say Ready to Print.  (Missing one or both of those steps will have the status as "Setup Incomplete." 

Want to see how to make your first DTF transfer with the Roland BN-20D? Check out this video! 

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