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How to Make Glitter T Shirt Transfers

You can make glitter t shirt transfers without layering a bunch of glitter HTV.  

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It's possible to print on glitter HTV with an ecosolvent printer like the Roland BN-20A or BN2-20A. And the best part is the Roland will also contour cut the glitter transfers for you as well. 

A 20" Roland print and cut machine will create a full color glitter t shirt transfer which means it's a single layer as opposed to cutting and layering multiple layers which can be time consuming and difficult to align and bulk on the shirt.

Both the Roland BN2-20A and BN-20A require contour cut lines be added to a design. It's far easier to do this with the Roland BN2-20A which includes Flexi for Roland Versaworks allowing the cut lines to be created in a one or two clicks.  You can find step by step details on how to create Roland cut lines for the BN-20 or BN-20A here.

For that reason, this tutorial will explain the step by step process using the Roland BN2-20A. 

Loading New Material into Roland BN2-20A

I like to get the BN2-20A all set up before I start working in the software. Load the glitter HTV roll onto the Roland BN2-20A. In the utility click Setup to select the material and wait until the status says: Output Possible. 

If you're not familiar with this process or need to add a new material type, you can watch this quick video on how to set up roll material on Roland BN2-20 or BN2-20A.

When you're ready load the roll of material into the machine.

roland bn2-20,roland bn2-20a,Glitter HTV,Heat Transfer Vinyl,

I'm using Siser SparklePrint Print and Cut Heat Transfer Vinyl which you can get here. Here's a close up of how "glittery" the glitter transfer is.

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Setting Up Designs for Roland BN2-20A

The first thing you want to do is download the design as a PNG or SVG. I'm using a few different beach designs from So Fontsy which are all available as a set and include the commercial use license. 

Glitter HTV,Heat Transfer Vinyl,

Once the images are downloaded open Flexi and go to and go to File > Open to navigate to the file on your computer. 

To add the cut lines go to the Effects menu and click Contour Cut. 

This will open a small window where you will want to click the stroke color dropdown and select the magenta color that says CutContour. 

If you you want to put Roland cut lines inside the letters or in the "holes" check the box for "With Holes." 

When you're finished making your selections click the green check mark to confirm your options. 

You can now either print directly from Flexi by clicking the blue Send to Device tool icon on the top menu bar or you can export the image and manually open in Roland Versaworks.

Printing Glitter T Shirt Transfers on Roland BN2-20A

When you're ready click the button to begin the printing and cutting. 

The Roland will first print then cut the glitter transfers. 

roland bn2-20,roland bn2-20a,Glitter HTV,
When the printing and cutting is complete you can either trim off the material from the roll or you can use the Sheet Cut option in the utility.

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Glitter HTV,Heat Transfer Vinyl,

Weed away the excess glitter HTV from around your glitter transfers.  If you have multiple transfers, you may want to cut them apart to make masking them a little easier. 

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Now you'll want to use a transfer material to mask the glitter transfers. This can be done by hand or using a cold laminator

Glitter HTV,Heat Transfer Vinyl,

At this point your glitter t shirt transfer is ready to be pressed onto your garment.  

Glitter HTV,Heat Transfer Vinyl,

How to Apply Glitter T Shirt Transfers 

You can apply the glitter iron on transfer with a heat press using medium pressure at 311 degrees for about 15 seconds. 

Glitter HTV,Heat Transfer Vinyl,

After pressing on the transfer, peel off the mask or transfer tape (just like regular HTV). 

Glitter HTV,Heat Transfer Vinyl,

These glitter transfers turned out great with the perfect amount of glitter. 

Glitter HTV,Heat Transfer Vinyl,

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