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How to Remove a 40oz Tumbler Handle

Whether you're trying to do a full wrap laser engrave or full wrap sublimation on a 40 oz tumbler, you're probably going to need to remove the handle. 

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Removing the handle of a 40 oz tumbler seems like it should be a little easier than it is.  I'm sharing my tips so you're not left struggling. 

Most 40 oz tumblers, whether they're Stanley's or my favorite 40 oz Charger Tumblers from Save a Cup, have a handle that can be detached. 

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The handles are discretely screwed into two brackets with small screws that go through the underside of the handle.  The screws on the Save a Cup 40 oz tumblers are hex screws. Other brands may use small philips head screws. 

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Either way you'll want to use a small screw driver, no more than 3.25" long in total.  I found the little hex screw driver that comes with the xTool Rotary attachment actually fits perfectly in the Save a Cup 40 oz Charger Tumblers.

Flip the tumbler upside down and start by unscrewing the screw in the bottom of the handle (the one that's now positioned closest to the top).  The screws are small so it only takes a turn or two to get them to pop up. 

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Once the screws comes out, gently lift the bottom of the handle out and over the bracket. Try to move the handle to the side of the bracket to give you a little more room to access the other screw. This one is a little more challenging just due to trying to get the screw driver into position inside the opening of the handle. 

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Be careful not to bend or twist the handle too much while you're doing this so you don't bend the brackets. 

Once you get that second screw off you can pull the handle completely off. 

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This will now allow you to fully wrap or laser engrave 360 degrees around the tumbler. 

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I engraved this one with my xTool F1 laser and it came out beautifully. Check out this beginner tutorial on laser engraving stainless steel tumblers to learn more! 

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