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Roland BY-20 DTF Printer: Everything to Know & 3 Massive Changes from BN-20D

A year after releasing it's first 20" DTF printer, Roland has just launched a top to bottom re-designed direct to film printer - complete with a new name, new price, and a whole slew of new features.  Meet the Roland BY-20.

DTF Transfers, Roland, DTF printer, Roland BY-20, DTF comparison

Beginning today the brand new BY-20 DTF Printer is on pre order with shipping on a limited number of printers beginning in February 2024. 

I'm excited to have one of the few and very first BY-20 direct to film printers so I can share all the details with read (and watch) on.

The BY-20, like the original model the BN-20D, is a 20" Direct to Film printer that doubles as a vinyl cutter. That's about all that the two have in common...even the model name has changed. 

The new BY-20 printer looks more like Roland's BN2 ecosolvent print and cut machines than it does the original BN-20D DTF printer. But along with the re-design for full front operation, the new model fixes some of the biggest flaws in Roland's original 20" DTF model including slow printing, a roll back double printing style, and inability to easily print true white in images. 

DTF Transfers, Roland, DTF printer, Roland BY-20, Roland Bn-20d

Roland BY-20 DTF Printer Price, Specs, and FAQs

Before I get to those big changes, let's get the specs and details out of the way and then I'll get into the top three biggest game changers with the BY-20. 

What is the Price of Roland BY-20 20" DTF Printer? 

The  Roland BY-20 price is $8,495 to start, but that does not include ink (always been a gripe of mine...). For that reason, my suggestion is to get a DTF printer bundle that includes a double set of ink along with powder and a 20" film roll.

DTF Transfers, Roland, DTF printer, Roland BY-20, Roland BY-20 Bundles

You will go through ink faster on a DTF printer than almost any other printer just due to the frequent automatic cleanings that are required.  These are required to keep the ink circulating and make sure the lines don't get clogged.

What Are the Roland BY-20 Specs?

The BY-20 dimensions are: 42.1" W × 24.3" D - that's a footprint that's 20% smaller than the original BN-20D. 

Max printing speed on the ethernet-connected printer is 25.5 square feet per hour with a 1440 dpi. 

DTF Transfers, Roland, DTF printer, Roland BY-20, Roland DTF comparison

Can the BY-20 Connect Inline to An Automatic Shaker and Heater? 

The short answer is yes! (More below on this game changer of an upgrade). However, the Roland BY-20 is an unconventional 20" wide where the standard for film rolls and shakers is 13" or 24".  That means if you plan to hook up inline to automate the workflow you basically have three options: 

  • Get a 13" or 16" shaker and heater and be limited to that size film not taking full advantage of the 20" wide BY-20. The 13" Seismo powder applicator and dryer is the least expensive option
  • Get a more expensive 24" shaker and dryer basically paying for more than what you need and can take full advantage of. This option, however, allows you to print on the max 20" wide film the Roland DTF can accommodate. This is the BY-20 and 24" Shaker and Dryer Bundle I'd can of course add it on later. 
DTF Transfers, Roland, DTF printer, Roland BY-20 bundles, roland bn-20

Roland BY-20 vs BN-20D Comparison

As I mentioned, there are some huge (and welcome) changes to the new Roland DTF Printer...and that does include a higher price tag. I have a video of what I consider to be the 21 most notable differences between the BY-20 and BN-20D that you can watch here. And below are what I think are the three biggest upgrades to the new model! 

The BY-20D prints twice a fast as the BN-20D thanks to single pass CMYK and white layers.  

DTF Transfers, Roland, DTF printer, Roland BY-20, DTF comparison

This means the printer does not have to lay down the color layer first and then roll back and lay down white over top. Both happen nearly simultaneously. Huge win and a big change from the previous model which required the printer to completely roll back the film after the CMYK layer to then do a second pass to lay down the white. This was limiting in several ways. 

Now, due to the single pass printing, the new Roland DTF printer can connect to an inline system for automating the powdering and heating process. 

DTF Transfers, Roland, DTF printer, Roland BY-20, DTF comparison

This is a huge upgrade for the workflow and to scale production. Hand powdering and individually curing DTF transfers in an oven, which was required with the BN-20D, is labor intensive and time consuming. 

DTF Transfers, Roland, DTF printer, Roland BY-20, Inline system

Thirdly, printing (true) white in a design is no longer such a headache. Thanks to the addition of Flexi Designer Versaworks Edition, included with the BY-20, creating the white underbase layer and white in designs is an easy, fast and straightforward process requiring just a few clicks.

DTF Transfers, Roland, DTF printer, Roland BY-20, DTF comparison

There's also a list of about 18 other changes - not all ideal - between the new Roland BY-20 and BN-20D which will be phased out. 

To check out all of the changes, improvements, and new features check out this video

DTF Transfers, Roland, DTF printer, Roland BY-20, Roland BY-20 Video

You can find all of my videos on how to use the Roland BY-20 DTF Printer here.  

And you can find a Roland BY-20 buying guide here.

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