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Desktop DTF Printer News: Big Changes....from Three Major Manufacturers

If you're in the desktop direct to film (DTF) world - big changes to share today.
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It's not often that three of the big manufacturers of desktop DTF printers all announce changes on the same day. But here we are...

Lowest Price Prestige A3+ DTF Printer...Discontinued

DTF Station - the maker of the Prestige A3+ DTF printer, has decided to discontinue the A3+ size sheet printer. It has been a popular (and at times buggy) entry-level desktop DTF option for those jumping into printing DTF transfers for the first time. 

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The Prestige A3+ was the lowest priced DTF printer from DTF Station. The lowest priced Prestige model is now the 13" Prestige A3+ R DTF roll printer. It takes sheets and rolls but has a higher price tag starting at $3,995 or $4,565 with inks.

If you're looking for an A3+ desktop DTF printer that prints sheets, the Uninet 100 DTF printer is still an option and starts at $3,795 including inks.

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New! Free Cadlink DTF Software/Rip with Roland BN-20D

Roland announced today the 20" Roland BN-20D DTF printer will now include Cadlink Digital Factory Pro Roland Edition free of charge. 

Customers who have already purchased a BN-20D can request a free digital download code for Digital Factory_RE. Users can print to their BN-20D directly from Cadlink, use it in combination with Versaworks or only use Versaworks. 

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Cadlink greatly expands the DTF options for Roland DTF printer users giving better control of white, increasing the compatible file types and offering a wide assortment of color correction tools. 

You will need your BN-20D serial number to request the free license code for Digital Factory for Roland.

Epson F2100 DTF and DTG Printer Rebates End

And Epson has ended its extra rebate on the Epson F2100 DTF and DTG combo printer bumping the base price to $10,995 - up a thousand from where it's been since April 2023.  The new Epson F2100 price is still lower than what the price was earlier this year.

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In my opinion the Epson F2100 DTF and DTG printer is well worth it for the all-in-one T shirt printer that it is...If you're running a t-shirt shop. 

direct to film, dtf, epson F2100, small business, dtg, direct to garment

Looking for more comparisons between desktop DTF printers, check out this side by side comparison. 

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  1. I must have missed this post in June! I bought the BN20-D in May and it has been one expensive headache after another, plus the issue with printing "white" areas on a design. Fingers crossed that I can figure out the Cadlink software!


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