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Pre Order Siser Juliet Cutting Machine Price, Best Bundles, Set Up

The Siser Juliet Cutting Machine is now available for pre order

I got my hands on one of the first 12" cutting machines and have been busy not only hunting down the best Juliet Cutting Machine bundles for you, but also creating some beginner Juliet tutorials and videos to help you get started. 

Best Siser Juliet Cutting Machine Bundles

This Juliet is Siser's first cutting machine packed with features and as production ramps up the machines are in limited supply. In fact there's only one retailer that can ship or sell machines until Cyber Monday...but you can pre-order even better Juliet cutting machine deals and bundles NOW! That's why I'm suggesting you actually pre-order and wait the extra few weeks.

Juliet Cutting Machine Price 

The Juliet Cutting Machine price is $499 that includes the 12" desktop cutting machine, a cutting mat, power cord, USB cord, blade, and Leonardo Design Studio software

However, Swing Design is offering the out of the box Siser machine plus $300 to So Fontsy for commercial use fonts and designs (of your choice) for the same price of $499. 

If you don't need any HTV or vinyl to get you started then that basic Juliet cutting machine bundle might be a good option for you.  My pick for best Siser Juliet Cutting Machine bundle, however, is the one that includes extra mats and blades

Having extra Siser blades are going to really help you save time and materials. The Siser cutting machine uses a professional style blade like the CB-09. 

This blade does not include blade depth indicator numbers and requires the user to manually find the right setting for each material. 

Believe me, once you find it, you are not going to want to re-adjust it at all to cut a different I suggest you keep a few different blades, one for each material you plan to cut!  

Siser Juliet Cutting Machine Set Up 

Finally if you're looking for Juliet cutting machine set up help and tutorials - you're in luck! As I always do I have some Siser cutting machine set up videos and tutorial to help you get started. 

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