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How to Turn Off Silhouette 3mm Kraft Blade Hooks and Loops

There's a setting buried in the Send panel that will allow you to turn off the hooks and loops that automatically turn on when using the 2mm and 3mm Silhouette Kraft Blade

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The ability to turn off the series of hooks and loops, called Smart Cuts, often helps to cut thick, dense materials without the blade getting stuck in the material.
The 2mm and 3mm Kraft blade should only be used with big bold designs not those with any type of small intricate detail. 

Start in Silhouette Studio by creating or opening the design. 

When you're ready move to the Send panel and expand Tool 2 (if you're using the 3mm Kraft Blade) or Tool 1 (for the 2mm Kraft Blade).  

Let's say we are going to cut this tree design on a piece of craft foam. When Craft Foam is selected as the material we get a series of loops and hooks around the design.  They're needed to help turn the blade, but unfortunately every one of them is an added opportunity for the blade to get stuck in the material. 

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You can't turn off the Smart Cut on pre-existing materials in your material list. So you need to add a new custom material. 

There are a series of steps here that you'll need to do to create a custom material - either completely from scratch or by copying an existing material (which is ideal since the rest of the cut settings will be duplicated).   

This process needs to be done just once for each material you want to cut without the Smart Loops. Once you create the custom material it will be saved this way in your Material List. 

How to Custom Material Settings in Silhouette Studio

Click the More button. 

3mm kraft blade, cut settings, kraft blade, 2mm kraft blade, cameo 4 pro

If there's already a default material in the list, you can right click that material and click "Duplicate" then it will show up at the bottom of your material list. Again this is ideal. (For example if I want to cut craft foam without smart loops, right click Craft Foam > Duplicate). 

3mm kraft blade, cut settings, kraft blade, 2mm kraft blade, cameo 4 plus

Otherwise, scroll to the bottom of the Materials List and click the + sign to add a new material. It will be called "New Material" by default. 

For this option you will also need to click the + sign tab in the lower panel (in blue) to add the Carriage 2 tab.

3mm kraft blade, cut settings, kraft blade, 2mm kraft blade, silhouette cameo 4

How to Disable 3mm Kraft Blade Loops and Hooks aka Smart Cuts 

Now working in the Carriage 2 panel:
  • Change the material to "Other"
  • Check the Disable Smart Cuts box
  • Set the Blade, Speed, Passes and Force cut settings accordingly if you created a brand new material. If you duplicated another material the cut settings will have copied over. 
3mm kraft blade, cut settings, kraft blade, 2mm kraft blade, silhouette cameo 4 plus

I would suggest you also rename the material to indicate the Smart Cuts are turned off. This can be done by right clicking the material name and selecting "Rename" 

Click Save.

Return to the Send panel and change the selected Material to the new custom material you just created. 

3mm kraft blade, cut settings, kraft blade, 2mm kraft blade, silhouette cameo 4 pro

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  1. Aren't the smart cuts necessary?

    1. There is another post that might answer your question (which is what led me here today)

  2. Hi there, thanks for that information!
    However it seems that the software doesn't turn off the loop-function completely as there is still a small loop, always. And the values for "Loop Radius" and "Loop Force" can not be set to zero. Any idea how to fix that?
    Where does the software store the values set here? The files in the AppData-directory are being created every time from scratch when you start the software.

    1. Hi there! Make sure that your design that you're cutting is pretty simple rather than intricate. The settings above still have small loop force and radius.

  3. I have followed the steps and have gotten a clean circle cut on craft foam, however, it still cuts a small line at the top of the circle. How do I fix this?

    1. Hi there! Unfortunately this is really hard to say without seeing it. You're welcome to email pictures. Otherwise if you'd like direct access to 1:1 help on a scheduled basis, check out Silhouette U:

  4. I also have followed the step by step directions here, which did a beautiful job of deleting the crazy lines on top of my design, but I’m getting a small slice in the middle of my earring design, and it appears to be the first cut the machine makes. However, it’s not on the screen, as a cut line as far as I can see. Any advice?

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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