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How to Keep Circle Designs Round on Mugs and Glasses

Did you ever notice that if you cut a perfect circle shape in vinyl and then you apply it a mug or glass or some other cylindrical shape it ends up looking like an oval?
silhouette studio vinyl decals circles not staying round

It can be super frustrating, but there is a solution to combat the circle-to-oval issue.

To demonstrate what happens I'm going to draw a perfect circle in Silhouette Studio by holding down the shift key while using the Draw an Ellipse tool. You can see by the dimensions it's a perfect circle. When I cut it - it's still a perfect circle.

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But then the trouble comes in when I go to apply the circle to a round surface - like this mug. Look what happens....the circle slightly elongates as it's applied and I'm left with what appears to be more of an oval than a circle.

applying vinyl to mug, silhouette studio shapes, silhouette vinyl tips tricks tutorials
To negate this vertical oval-effect you need to adjust the circle design slightly in Silhouette Studio.

I used the exact same circle as the original circle shape I cut, but this time I elongated it horizontally to counter balance the vertical oval-ish it will get when applied to the mug.

circles look like oval on tumblers mugs glasses, silhouette studio silhouette cameo tutorials

You can see, when cut, the design is not the same length and width - it's a horizontal oval.  Look at it compared to the perfect circle....the right shape is clearly an oval.

silhouette studio circles silhouette studio vinyl tutorials silhouette studio help

BUT when the horizontal oval is looks much more like a circle on the mug.

cutting vinyl with silhouette cameo tips tricks tutorials

Here's a side by side so you can really see the difference and why stretching the circle to make it slightly wider helps reverse the elongating effect when applied.

vinyl circles silhouette studio silhouette cameo silhouette cameo 3 elongate circles

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  1. Thanks for the post! I kind of figured it out just by looking at it but was glad to see your confirmation posted. And I am going to steal your ratio. It looks good.

  2. How do you keep the circle from wrinkling when you apply the circle/oval to a mug or tumbler?

    1. Hey there! I like to apply from the middle of the decal out.

  3. If It's a circle logo, would you take the the entire graphic and apply a slight adjustment horizontally? Does the text look funny? Also, is there a rule of thumb for the ratio? 10% horizontal adjustment?


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