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Silhouette Hack for Weeding Distressed Fonts or Designs on Vinyl

Don't avoid cutting distressed fonts on vinyl or heat transfer vinyl, just because you're scared of the weeding process. This Silhouette hack will help you with easily and quickly weeding all of these awesome distressed fonts and designs that you love, but are oh-so-intimidated to weed.

How to cut and weed distressed fonts with Silhouette CAMEO
This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own.

I'm using the Angelica font from The Hungry JPEG's December Bundle. It's one of the many beautiful fonts in the bundle - many of which have distressed areas.

Cutting and weeding these fonts can seem impossible...when working with vinyl.  Let me assure you - it's not.

The first thing you'll want to do is add weeding lines. Weeding lines are added in Silhouette Studio before you cut. Once cut, they will help break up the negative area so when you're weeding you're not at risk for the weeded area of vinyl to stick to your actual design.

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You'll notice that many distressed fonts will also do a partial self-weed when cutting. It's very likely some of the tiny areas will lift out while being cut. This will just help you later when it comes time to weed.

cut thin fonts vinyl silhouette cameo

Once the design is finished cutting, remove it from the Silhouette machine. Start weeding by removing the strips created by weeding lines.  Next, remove as many counters as you can using your Silhouette hook tool.

Now it's time to focus on the distressed areas.  These tiny areas can be impossible to pick up with your hook tool or even a pin....but a piece of washi tape will do the trick.   Take a piece of washi tape and rip it off from the roll.  De-stick it a little on your pants and then blot it up and down on the distressed areas of the font or design to remove them.  I like washi tape because it's a low tack tape.

silhouette cameo weeding lines tutorial vinyl

It may be necessary to apply some pressure with our finger to get the distressed areas to stick, but the rest of the design to stay behind when you lift the washi tape.

washi tape, silhouette cameo vinyl tutorial, viny beginners tutorial

The washi tape is sticky enough to lift the small distressed areas, but should not lift the full cut design making it very helpful when weeding distressed fonts!

Now let me show you a few other distressed or vintage commercial fonts in The December Bundle from The Hungry JPEG.

If you want to grab this bundle - hurry! It will only stick around until the end of December!

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