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FREE or Cheap Silhouette Supplies: 9 Places to Look

Silhouette supplies, free, cheap
If you're using your Silhouette as much as I do you start to look for places where you can find inexpensive Silhouette supplies.  I'm not talking about cheap stuff that's gonna break in a day or vinyl that's gonna peel up in a minute. I'm talking about decent quality stuff at a good price.  You can thank me later..but today's lesson is on a few little-known places to find cheap - and even FREE - Silhouette supplies.

Expressions Vinyl:  Expressions Vinyl offers FREE supplies for those who are willing to demonstrate or test products and then write a tutorial or post (you can write it on your own blog or write it and send it to EV to post on their blog) on how the product was used.  Check out their job board to see what spots they're looking to fill.   Also, check Expression Vinyl's Daily Deal every day! They'll often have as much as 50% off a single item.   Every day there's a different deal so check often.

Amazon: If you follow Silhouette School on Facebook, you know I'm a huge fan of Amazon. There are a wide range of deals on supplies ranging from vinyl to starter kits to mats and canvas bags even the Silhouette machine themselves.  Plus, if you are a Prime member (totally worth it) you get 2-day free shipping on any Prime item (which is almost everything).

Etsy & eBay: Do a search for your favorite brand-name products like Siser EasyWeed HTV or Oracal 651 Vinyl.  Etsy and eBay are great places to find deals on die cut supplies.   A $1 a sheet or less for adhesive vinyl is what I could consider a 'good' price. 

Orafol: I'm slightly hesitant to even reveal this source (trade secret???), but will send you FREE vinyl every.single.month.  You'll need to create a log in and then you can pick up to five types and colors of vinyl per month from their promotional catalog's "Plotter Film Sample Rolls" category and they will mail it to you completely free - no shipping and handling even.  When I first heard about this, I couldn't believe it.  But I'm here to tell you it's true - look at what I got last month...and the month before.  It's all Oracle brand vinyl, so it's very good quality.  One thing to note, you don't always get the exact colors you pick....but free vinyl is free vinyl, eh. 

Silhouette supplies, free, cheap

UPDATE: It is my understanding that Orafol is now charging $3 shipping for the free samples.

Giveaways:  You like free Silhouette supplies? Keep an eye on your favorite blogs (ahem...Silhouette School) for giveaways! We almost always have 2-3 giveaways every month! Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook are great places to find giveaways, as well.  Just do a hashtag search for 'giveaways' or 'contests'. We recently gave away a HUGE prize pack worth $250....

Silhouette supplies, free, cheap

Pick Your PlumPick Your Plum often has craft products and materials for next to nothing that can either be cut with the Silhouette or easily decorated with die cuts.   Vinyl, washi tape, blank bunting, plain ladies' t-shirts...are all regulars on Pick Your Plum.  (Note: When listed as 'permanent' vinyl, it's  651)

Grab Bags and Bag of Scraps: Did you know  Expressions Viny offers rock bottom grab bags of vinyl?   Basically if you purchase a certain amount of other products from the retailer, you can then get a grab bag or bag of scrap vinyl for next to as little as a penny! The catch is you usually don't get to pick the colors in your bag....but for a penny do you really care?!

Silhouette Store: During sales and promotions you can Silhouette-brand products for sometimes as high as a 40% discount.  Shipping and handling is higher than I like to pay most times, but its worth a look during the markdown sales.

Now that you know where to look for free or cheap are 10 places to find FREE designs and cut files! 

Note: This post may contain affiliate links. By clicking on them and purchasing products through my links, I received a small commission. That's what helps fund Silhouette School so I can keep buying new Silhouette-related products to show you how to get the most out of your machine! 

Thanks for coming to class today at Silhouette School.  If you like what you see, I'd love for you to pin it!

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  1. Melissa, I love everything you are offering at the Silhouette School! Thank You for all you do to help us new users get the most from our Silhouette machines! I just wanted to bring to your attention that on the Orafol free vinyl samples that you mention in today's post, that they do charge a $3.00 shipping fee now to ship the free samples. They did the first time I ordered the Complimentary sample products, and I just checked again and they are still charging. Just wanted to see if you were aware of this? Thanks again for EVERYTHING you make available to help us enjoy our crafting!;-)

  2. I also want to mention that Orafol charges $3 shipping/handling fees for the samples. I wish I read Debbie's comments before signing up! Now I will get junk mail from them or others if Orafol sells my info to other businesses. Thanks anyway for other resources you have provided.

  3. I cannot find where to purchase the samples on their website. Can someone please help me out? Thanks!

    1. Once you're signed in, click on "promotional catalog" in the links on the left, then choose "plotter film cut samples". That will get you a list of what they have. If you're unsure what to pick, browse the site to see what all the different ones are (there are SO MANY!) There's also a samples catalog available, which I've picked but haven't received yet since I just made my first sample order.

  4. Do they ship the free samples to Canada?

  5. On the ORAFOL I'm trying to sign up but what do i put for the distributor?


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