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Moving Silhouette Library Designs from the Cloud Folder to the Local User Folder

When Silhouette America released the Cloud-based versions of Silhouette Studio in 2016, the intent was to make things easier on users. Well....let's just say things may not have gone exactly as planned.  They're working on it.  One thing I hear over and over again - aside from the duplicates in the library - is the desire to move designs from the Silhouette Cloud to the Local User Folder.

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Before I explain how this can be done with a workaround, let me briefly explain how the Cloud based Silhouette Studio is supposed to work.
The library is now divided into two sections: the Local User folder and the Cloud folder (the one with your email next to it). The Local User folder is where, by default, designs you create in Studio and designs you import into Studio are saved. These designs can be moved to the Cloud by dragging and dropping - if you wish.

Silhouette Studio Cloud vs Local User folder

The Cloud folder is by default where any and all Silhouette Design Store designs will be stored. This means any free downloads from the Silhouette Design Store and any designs you purchase. Designs on the cloud can not be drag and dropped into the Local User folder.

However - there is a workaround to move designs from the Cloud to the Local User folder. 

In order to get a design from the Cloud to the Local User Folder first find the design in your Cloud and open it in a work area in Silhouette Studio.

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Now go up to File and click 'Save As' and then pick "Save to Library."

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Pick a sub folder in your Local User folder.   Name the file and then click 'Ok'.

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Now the design is stored on both the Cloud and in the Local User folders.  Unfortunately, this method of moving designs between the Cloud and the Local User Folder can't be done in bulk.

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