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Free Monogram Set and How to Use Monogram Font in Silhouette Studio

It's Friday and that means it's time for some free design files that you can cut with your Silhouette CAMEO or Portrait!

silhouette studio monogram fonts
This is a sponsored blog post but all opinions are my own.

This week I have an amazing monogram font set to share with you from my friends over at Cuttable Designs.
I know how you all feel about monograms...but I also know the monogram font sets sometimes cause some confusion when it comes to combining the left, middle, and right letters in Silhouette Studio.

For that reason I'm also going to share a quick Silhouette Studio tutorial on using monogram fonts!
diamond monogram font silhouette cameo silhouette studio
The first thing you want to do is download this awesome free monogram font from Cuttable Designs to your computer.

You'll also need to unzip the file after you've downloaded it. Inside the zip folder you'll find the monogram set in various formats - PDF, SVG, DXF, EPS, etc.

open monogram fonts silhouette studio

If you have Silhouette Studio Designer Edition you can use the SVG files and you can literally just turn the cut lines on in Studio. If you don't have Designer Edition, I would suggest you use the DXF file types.
One thing to keep in mind as you work with this monogram set in Silhouette Studio, is it is actually not a 'font'. That means it won't show up in your font list in Silhouette Studio and you should treat it as a design, not a font.
I'm going to be referring to the SVG monogram set from here on out, but know the same pretty much applies for all of the file types offered on his set.

Within each folder you will see a Left, Center, and Middle file for each there are a total of 78 files in each folder.  Since my monogram is mVa I need to open the "Left M", "Middle V", and "Right A".

Silhouette cameo monogram tutorial free monogram set

Start by opening up Silhouette Studio. Go to File > Open and navigate to the SVG folder. Scroll down to the find the "LEFT M" and click "Open."

The design will open in Silhouette Studio most likely very, very small. Do not re-size it yet. We want to wait until all three designs are in Studio so we can re-size them all at the same proportion.

Silhouette Studio opening monogram sets

Now, to get the V in the same Silhouette Studio work area go to File > Merge and navigate to the "Middle V".  Repeat the same Merge process for the "Right A". Using the Merge option will open a new design in the same work area rather than starting a new work space.

In Studio, select all three parts of your monogram and re-size/enlarge them at the same time.

SVG monograms silhouette studio silhouette cameo aligning

Use your mouse to manually move the left and right letters into place around the middle letter. Then select all three letters again and click the Align tool. With all the letters selected under Align Vertical select Align Middle. 

monogram fonts free silhouette portrait

You're almost done!

If you used the SVG, EPS or DXF files you can go to the Cut Settings window and turn on the cut lines by clicking "Cut".

Silhouette monogram fonts cut lines silhouette studio

(If you used the PDF letters you'll need to trace the monogram to create cut lines.)

Now you're ready to cut this awesome free monogram! And if you made it all this way and haven't downloaded this free monogram font yet, grab it here.

free monogram font download silhouette studio cameo portrait curio

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