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Silhouette Studio Mat Revealing Grid Lines: How and Why

Everyone has their own favorite way to design in Silhouette Studio. I prefer to design on a white background without any grid lines.  Grid lines tend to distract me while designing, but are definitely useful later in the design process right before I cut.  Fortunately, you can have both - and it's easy to switch between a white background and gray grid lines.

silhouette cameo tutorials beginners silhouette studio grid lines white sheet

If you're working in Silhouette Studio and your virtual mat looks like this you don't have the grid lines on at all. 

beginner silhouette cameo tutorials starters knockout lines white work area

If you'd like to see them, go to the Design Page Settings tool along the top tool bar.  Towards the bottom of the window you'll see the "Reveal" slider bar. Move the bar to the right and the grid lines and the gray mat will appear.

So why grid lines later in the design process? While I don't like to see the grid lines while I'm designing, typically, I need to see them before I cut.   The reason they're so helpful before cutting is when you reveal the grid lines you're revealing the tiny box numbers along the top and left side of the virtual mat, as well. You have to zoom in really close to see them, though!

The numbers and the grid lines correspond with the grid lines and numbers on the cutting mat. By paying attention to where your design is on your virtual mat, you'll know exactly where to place your material on your cutting mat and you'll never miss a cut!

And here's a quick video to further explain how to use the grid lines for lining up material while making multiple cuts in one pass!

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